A New Perception Towards Advantage of Applying Debt Management Plans


The scope of debt management plans are really huge than only being a way to eliminate your debts. Surely, debt management plans have a great significance for managing the financial life of individuals or for a business. At the same time, it cannot be denied that people often narrows down the scopes. Fedex Pilots makes you understand the extended scopes of debt management plans. With the insights provided, it becomes very easy for an individual to fight the misery of overgrowing debts with the advantage of managing the debts expertly.

In various times in our life, we have heard the proverb that says – “prevention is healthier than cure”. Well, not in only health terms, the proverb can be implied for the financial life as well, particularly regarding debt management plans. These plans help to generate certain habits in the user which makes managing one’s life really easy on financial dealings. Not only the habits, one can never ignore the fact that a lot of people have survived from bankruptcy and other debt related problems with the help of these plans.

The consolidation loans for debt management is one of the most popular and conventional method to deal with debts. In short it can be said that consolidation loans is an arrangement of an individual amount of finance which would be eligible to clear multiple debts. Fedex Pilots gives you the insight of how you can arrange these consolidation loans.

Let us see how different sorts of debt reduction methods help us to manage our financial life with utter advantages.

Reducing the amount of money you pay for debt charges:

The consolidation loan not only eliminates your number of nation 21 cash loans, at the same time it gives you the advantage of saving money. It is because when you have multiple bad credit loans then it means you have to bear multiple loan charges. When all your loans consolidate into one loan, you will have to bear charges for only one loan. Thus it helps you to reduce the amount of money you spend for debt charges. Fedex Pilots can help you to calculate how much money you can reduce with debt charges by taking a consolidation loan.

Cutting down the amount of money spend for debt interest:

The interest rate for debts may vary from one to another. In most cases, we do not take only a single debt. We take multiple debts for multiple reasons. Certainly we pay various amounts of debt interest for the different debts we take. In total, the interest rates paid for different debts are not small amounts. They are huge. When we consolidate all our debts into one debt, then we also have to pay one interest charge for only one loan. The financial expert says that taking a debt consolidation loan can reduce 20% of the interest rates paid by the users. The experts of Fedex Pilots can certainly help you to guide in reducing the interest rates you pay through debt management plans.


Boosting up the credit score:

The most important implication of taking a debt consolidation loan is that it has the eligibility to boost up the credit score. Holding a good credit score is very much important for the financial life of an individual. In USA, credit score that is more than 700 are considered as good score and upper than 800 are well reputed. Below the line of 700 score is considered as risky to some level and below 600 is a warning score for an individual. The credit score can go down when we take number of loans. When we take a consolidation loan, then it reduces the number of loans we have to only one loan. Thus the credit score goes up automatically.

There are also other types of debt consolidation plans like the second mortgage, home equity loans, debt settlement plans etc. Fedex Pilots provides well information about all these plans. With all these plans available for debt consolidating or debt managing, an individual can certainly make life easier than before.

The good and bad: understand the different types of debts

People often take different kind of debts to meet the need of daily life. Debt is helpful for the modern life as it helps to live a life larger than ability, but at the same time it carries the risk of getting involved into the vicious circle of debts, bankruptcy, financial miseries etc. also, it is a common trend of people that they do not consider what they got in exchange of the debts, rather remains too much worried about the payments they have to make for debt. This discussion is intended to clarify whether we should be sad about the payments we are making for the debts, or these payments are making foundation for greater profits in the future.

Yes, there are certain kinds of debts which can be considered as good debts and some as bad debts. In most cases, people carry both kinds of debts. People who are successfully dealing with their financial life have a good number of good debts and have the eligibility to keep their bad debts under control. The financial experts of Fedex Pilots have a very keen idea on these differences and have the ability to help their clients with useful financial advices about good debts.

What are good debts?


The good debts are kind of debts which has been taken for buying a good or service which has trend of increasing in value with time. Some of them are explained below:

A mortgage:

For example: Taking a mortgage for buying a house can be considered as a good debt as the house bought will increase in value over the time. When the buyer would eventually sell it, the house is going to bring him or her more wealth than he or she actually invested for buying the house and for paying the mortgage. So, good debts are kind of debts that can actually return you with more than what you have invested. Good debts are more like long term investments.

Student loans:

Student loans can also be considered as good debts. It is hard to find any student who has just been rewarded with his graduation certificates and now mourning over the piles of student debt he or she has to pay. Sadly, the student never considers that the graduation certificate, which has been just earned, is going to reward him or her with more wealth. For some, with a new job, for some with a new consultancy firm, a business license and we can go on more and more if we talk about the potentials of getting a university degree.

Small business loans:

The same thing can be said about the business loans. It is unimaginable to count the numbers of people who have survived their life and still surviving their life with established small business with the contribution of small business loans.

So, one thing that can be said for sure is that no one can say debts are bad. The debts can turn into bad if one does not know the difference about the good and bad debts. The simple line is, take good debts, manage them properly and in return, you will be rewarded with a sound financial life.

Things that you should know about debt settlement

Around the globe, the money lending business is growing with the increasing demands. At present, it is hard to find any modern person without any debt. For some people, carrying a debt means a permanent matter of concern. So, once they get into the vicious circle of debt traps, they try their best to get out of it. Unfortunately, only a few becomes successful and for the rest, all the efforts are in vain. This becomes the common case for most of the people, only because they lack the understanding about debts. People who are facing such kind of crisis can have a very easy solution now, in the forms of debt settlement. The financial experts of FedEx pilots have a long term popularity for guiding their clients on right utilization of debt settlement.

What is debt settlement?


The debt settlement is a helping method for the debtors. It allows one of the most secure and concern free way to provide the debtors sufficient time and easy conditions to pay off the debts they owe from the lenders. Since, this method has been invented by the lenders; it is very much on news and has got popular. It is all because the relief it can give to the debtors. Though this method has the most possibility to work if one understands the consequences of debts and decides not to fall in the same trap once again. The debt settlement works for the people who have a huge amount of debt and the payoff is really draining out all the income. Sometimes the pay off can become bigger than the income. In such times, the person needs to move for a settlement of debt with the lenders.

How debt settlement fixes the debt problems?

The debt settlement is nothing but an agreement between a lender and the debtor. For example: let us suppose a lender owes $500 from a debtor. When the loan started the debtor settled at two installment of $250 each in two months. Loan charges, interest rate everything makes the payoff to stand on an amount of $300. Now, the debtor has lost his job suddenly after taking the loan or for any other reason he or she is now failing to pay this installment. He or she might miss one installment and now the penalty of the loan has become a lot more. So, he or she is now obliged to pay off an amount of $400 for the installments, whereas his or eligibility is only to pay off $150 for one installment now. In such times, the debt settlement plays the role of the savior.

In this moment, the debtor can come up with an agreement of debt settlement with his or her previous lender, or can contact a new one. The debt settlement allows the debtor to have new loan conditions like extended time limit, reduced interest rates etc. according to the present eligibility of the debtor. So, now the debtor can come up with the new settlement conditions which will allow him or her to pay $150 for one installment. At the same time, the installment numbers are increased, without any change to the capital amount he or she has to pay. The advantage of such settlement is that he or she will not be charged as a defaulter, and also there will no penalty charges once again.

So, debt settlements are one of the most blissful methods for modern debtors if they know how to use it in the right times.

Recessions are not at all bad for debt relief solutions

The recessions are going on for a long time. Many people have already suffered the miseries of recession and some are still going through. Human nature is always adaptive and that is why now the economical experts seem to come up with new adaptive strategies for recessions. For a long time, it was really hard to come up with any kind of good news associated with recessions. Luckily, with the new adaptive strategies for recessions, it is possible to develop some good news. The recession might becomes the reason for which you have lost your job, or it can be the reason for which you have lost your home, but now it can become the reason for which you can come out from the debt traps. Yes, it is true that with new bank rules for recessions, you can really get relief from all your debts very easily.

The creditors have a second chance:

The recession not only caused the debtors to bear loss, but at the same time the creditors were in loss too. The creditors were in loss as the debtors could not pay the dues. To overcome from the loss, the federal government has provided stimulus money to the creditors. Now, the creditors have a second chance overcome from their loss with this money. At the same time, their experience tells them to come up with new ways for the debtors to help them in paying loan dues. That is why; the new settlement system is on the run now on most credit business. Through the settlement process, the creditors can at least make it possible to obtain their owed money.

Credit card providers are now flexible:

In the recession time, a huge amount of people became debt-ridden with credit card dues. People, who already have credit card dues, are being unable to provide it now with the dues. Before, the credit card loan providers were not flexible, at all. They have a very strict rule of repaying their debts. Now, they can also realize that it is the situation of recession, which is holding back the debtors to pay off their credit card loans. That is why; the credit card loan providers are also providing the debt settlement system for the debtors.

Why go for debt settlement?

The advantage of a debt settlement is that in this system every party is a winner. The debtors can get relief from their loan burden with easy conditions, for example: reduced rate of interests, extended time etc. On the other hand, the creditors have the assurance that now they will be able to obtain the money from the debtors. If a debtor becomes bankrupt then the loan providers are also in loss because then they have to lose the money they invested to provide loans as well. In the recession times, the creditors have faced such problems a lot. That is why, they are providing the debt settlement system for the creditors.

Any person who is facing any problem to pay their loan dues, or wants to ease the loan conditions, can contact with their money lender for debt settlement now. So, the recession which caused a lot of people to be debt-ridden is now showing the way to get debt relief also.

The new obstacles on Bankruptcy protection

The boom time is going on for quite a few years. At the beginning, the effect was not felt in all states of the country. So in blithe of that relaxation, people of those states became more carefree to spend and get on the heaps of debts. Now, when the total economy system is teetering, the impact is felt by all. People who were spending without thinking about the consequences, now finds themselves in a total debt-ridden situation. That is why; many people are planning to liquidate their money with the act of Chapter-7: the bankruptcy protection. For many people, this plan is not anymore a good solution as the act went through some modification in 2005. The total outcome of debt relief through this system is now dramatically changed after modification.

Let us take a look on the new obstacles created to obtain bankruptcy protection after the changes made in 2005:

What is chapter-7: bankruptcy protection act?

The chapter-7 bankruptcy protection act is applicable for debtors who are currently in a debt ridden situation. Huge amount of debt causes the debtors to have a very low amount of credit score as well. If a debtor can apply this act, then it will allow him or her to eliminate the charges of unsecured debts they have. Unsecured debt means the debts for which the debtors do not provide ant collateral and pays a high amount of interest rates. Elimination of such debts helps to get a great relief from debts, no doubt.

The problem is that the new modification applied for this act on 2005, has created some new obstacles for the debtors in applying this act for debt relief. Some of the obstacles are:

The debtors have to show a very low income for a long time:

According to the new rules, debtors will only be able to apply this rule if they have a very low income through a whole year. A debtor must remain in such an economically low situation, which will justify their inability to pay the loans more than a year. So, if in the middle of the year, one’s income is little bit increased or business profits go just a decimal percent up, it will make him or her ineligible to apply the act and obtain the desired bankruptcy protection.

The lawyers charge too high:

As the recession is going on for a long time, a lot of people are now found in a debt ridden situation than before. The income is not increasing according to the pace interest rates going up. Lot of people is actually living in a warning situation of going bankrupt anytime. No doubt, this tension forces them to take help from lawyers or financial advisers and getting a bankruptcy protection for themselves. The lawyers have increased their charges according to the increasing demand they now have in the market. The situation is now at such a point where bearing the charges of lawyers can give an economical seizure for any low incoming individual.

Certainly these new modifications on Chapter-7: bankruptcy protection has reduced the accessibility for a lot of people. People, who are actually in need of a bankruptcy protection, might not be able to access this protection for the new obstacles created and look for alternative debt relief methods.

easy ways to apply debt relief procedure

The debt relief program is blissful for the debtors who has plethora of debts on the shoulder. People often take debts according to their income. Unfortunately, a static income is not assured any more with current economic boom situation. People are losing their jobs, running their business in loss for the recession. As a result, most people have huge amount of debts mounted without any possibility to pay them off soon. In such times, the debt relief can help them by easy loan conditions and reduce the amount of money they have to pay.

What is a debt relief?

The debt relief service is provided to those consumers who are going through a financially low situation and has mounted a huge amount of unsecured loans, mostly credit card loans. Unsecured loans are not taken against any collateral. So, unsecured loans are expensive than the secured loans. People are taking a lot of unsecured loans in order to cope up with the money crisis caused by recession. As a result, people are owing much more than their actual income and it leads to a financially complex situation.

If the debt relief program is applied, then a consumer will have the benefit to have a reduced interest rate. Also they will have to pay a reduced outstanding balance than what they actually took as loans. They are not totally relieved from the debts, but will have the advantage of reduced amount of debt with easy conditions to repay. That is why, people who go through huge amount of financial crisis is advised to go for applying debt relief method before they file for bankruptcy.


The procedure of getting a debt relief program for eliminating the loans of consumers becomes very easy through the help of the debt relief companies. With the exchange of consultation and procedure fees, the debt relief companies work for the consumers and succeed to provide the desired debt relief towards the consumers.

When a debt relief company is employed, at first they go through a thorough financial analysis of the current financial situation of the consumer to determine whether they are eligible for the program or not. A keen analysis is very important to make the consumer a strong contender for getting the debt relief.

After the analysis, the debt relief consultants start negotiating with the money lenders for obtaining the debt relief for their client. If an individual walks to the bank and says that he or she needs a debt relief, the bank may not provide heed to it. On the contrary, if a professional financial consultant draws a logical argument, the lenders get no other choice than providing the debt relief for the consumer.

An individual can also draw these arguments, without the help of professional hands, but then he or she must have a very clear understanding about the debt relief rules and his or her own financial condition. The money lenders are also flexible to provide debt relief to the debtors as it makes them assured to obtain the money they provided as loans.